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Company History

QSGI INC. DBA KRUSECOM. Marc Sherman of West Palm Beach, co-founded QSGI, Inc. in August 2001 and has been Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer since. Mr. Sherman served as the President of QSGI, Inc. from August 2001 to March 2005. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Intellesale, Inc. (and its predecessor, Universal Commodities Corp.), from December 1994 to July 2001. Prior to 1994, Marc Sherman served in key positions in various family businesses. Mr. Sherman has over fifteen years of experience in marketing, operations and executive management. Marc Sherman has been a Director of QSGI, Inc. and KruseCom, Inc. since August 2001.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Core Values

KruseCom acts 100% on behalf of its clients and ensures that all steps and processes reflect its clients’ goals and needs. Anywhere our clients are, so are we.

Ethical Practices

All equipment decommissioning is done in house, which translates to a faster timeline, a reliable staff, and the peace of mind that each and every person on-site has years of experience in this highly skilled trade.

Meet the Team

Marc Sherman

Chairmen & CEO

Max Sherman

Vice President of Sales

Michael Hulle

Business Development Manager

Carl Saracino

Vice President Operations

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KruseCom, KruseCom Decommissioning & Generators, and affiliated brands are QSGI Inc. Companies. Anywhere Our Clients Are, So Are We.

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